We enable guests to order and pay on their own device, maintaining a safe distance from your staff and other patrons.

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Bite Flash gives guests a safe and easy way to order from their own devices on-premise. Use Bite Flash to create a 'pop-up drive-in', a sidewalk ordering area, or to create a 'virtual kiosk' experience in-store.

1. Customer arrives and scans a QR code on-premise, which loads a web app.

2. Customer orders and pays from phone. Upon checking out, they enter their name.

3. Order is transmitted directly to POS and to the KDS in the kitchen for preparation.

4. When the order is ready, staff can call out guest name for pick-up, limiting personal interaction.

We integrate with your full tech stack and can get you onboarded in 48 hours.


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Your guest simply scans a QR code, orders and pays. No app needed.

Fully-integrated digital ordering solutions that put hospitality first

Bite's robust ordering platform solves for all restaurant needs

Best-in-class kiosk ordering software that personalizes each guest's experience

No-app mobile interface for safe and easy contactless ordering via QR code

Bite's robust ordering platform solves for all restaurant needs